Christmas 2001 - New Year's 2002
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Carol and Lois flew in on the 9th of December, just 2 days after the end of term. Despite 3 pieces of their luggage being delayed (for which they were each paid USD 50!!), they had an uneventful flight. Allison was very pleased to see her Nana and Lois again, as were Mum and Dad.

After a few days in Arusha to acclimatise, the 5 of us were off to Tarangire National Park for 5 days. What a thrill with elephants behind the tents and leopard and lion see Photoskills!

Once back in Arusha we had a few days to prepare for Christmas and our trip to the Usambara Mountains and Pangani on the coast. The Usambaras are beautiful and Pangani most see Photosrelaxing.

New Years was spent in Arusha then, before we knew it, Term Two was upon us. We had a terrific 5 weeks with Carol and Lois!



Note: Almost all of the photos on these pages were taken by either Carol or Lois. Well done ladies!