Victoria Falls (1 of 4)

Victoria Falls from the Space Station

Victoria Falls... the name conjures up images of David Livingstone hacking his way through the hot, mosquito-infested bush pushing towards the place known as the Smoke that Thunders.

Before we began our South Africa trip, we took a 4-day side trip out of Johannesburg to Victoria Falls. Lucky for us, it wasn't nearly so exhausting or dangerous as it was for Dr. Livingstone. Zimbabwe is embroiled in troubles resulting from the dictatorship of Robert Mugabe, but fortunately we were not affected.

In fact, the tourism infrastructure is excellent - it seemed better than in Tanzania! The people were very helpful and friendly and seemed to hold no grudge. They were interested in how Zimbabwe compared to Tanzania, and lamented about what their country once was - the breadbasket of Africa.

Left: This image was taken with an 800 mm lens by Astronaut Edward Lu from the Space Station on 4 September 2003. Source: NASA Earth Observatory (Link will open in a new window)