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     Stuck-in-the-Mud Safaris was off again on another adventure - this time to the Great Rift Valley and the Serengeti.
     The Great Rift Valley actually begins in Turkey, runs south through Israel and the West Bank, becomes the Red Sea then heads inland through Ethiopia into East Africa. Here, the Great Rift Valley splits. The Western Rift runs through Uganda, becoming Lakes Tanganyika and Malawi ending at the Zambezi River in Mozambique. The Eastern Rift runs through Kenya and northern Tanzania producing the great scenery in Out of Africa and I Dream of Africa. It was to the Eastern Rift that we journeyed.
     After driving up the hot, flat, and dry Rift Valley past numerous volcanoes and Lake Natron, we climbed up the Rift Valley wall, across lush hill country into the vast Serengeti plain for the great wildebeest migration.
     We had a safe journey having hired driver/guide Abdul and cook Peter from
W.S. Safaris in Arusha.

     Karibu see Photosphotos! Just click on a photo and you will go to that page.


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