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Cheetah, Serengeti

     Well, here it is folks - the quitessential Serengeti cheetah. This fellow was amazing. On our last morning, there he was right beside the road out of the park, sitting for everyone to stop and gawk at. Up on that termite mound, you could have sworn he was just having a good sit watching the world go by (and the topi far inthe distance!). What a magical time we spent watching him. Despite us, a tour truck, and a supply truck all stopping to have a look, this cheetah was still there when we left half an hour later. What a great last memory of our trip!

     The other great excitement was our BIG FIVE DAY. On our last full day in the Serengeti we managed to see the Big Five: Cape buffalo, lion, leopard, elephant and rhino! Spectacular - especially in the rain.