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Dineke, Laurie & Carolyn
Dineke, Laurie & Carolyn

Carolyn & Dineke
We enjoyed two great but very short weeks with Carolyn and Dineke. They managed to survive the bumpy roads to enjoy five of the parks - Tarangire, Ngorongoro, Serengeti, Lake Manyara, and a very cold weekend at Arusha National Park. Once again, Laurie did the driving allowing the rest to have great views of the wildlife. Carolyn got some terrific shots with her new camera system and a few pointers from Terry along the way.     
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 Charlie - Terry's Bro

Allison, Cahrlie and Terry
Allison, Charlie & Terry

 Charlie brought us great luck on safari - we saw all the major "game" animals plus cubs and totos of many. On our last day we thought we would be leaving the Serengeti without seeing cheetah, but luck was with us - we saw four including a cub plus 14 lions, many of which were cubs. It was a great 10 days giving time for the two brothers to bond over Photoshop and digital photography.     Take a look!

 Allison & Cathy
Allison and her Auntie Cathy

Cathy - Laurie's Sister

What a great time we had with Cathy. She stayed for three weeks and it felt like only one. Laurie and Cathy regularly played Scrabble - in front of the tent overlooking the Tarangire River, on the porch at home - Laurie certainly got her fill. Allison loved having her "Auntie" around, especially when it came to nail polish! We will really miss you Cath! Here are some pics...