Summer 2001 with Carolyn & Dineke
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Rhinos, Ngorongoro
You are looking at almost 1/4 of the present Black Rhinocerous population in the Crater. At one time there were over 100, but over the years they have been decimated by poachers. As recently as our trip at Christmas there were 13, but disease took 4 of them since then leaving only 9.
We scoured the Crater the whole day and finally came upon these two tucked in the high grasses about 50m from the truck. Other safari trucks parked here alerted us to something important to see.

After a good long stop at Oldupai Gorge which included touring the museum and the "Zinj Site" where Mary Leakey found the first Australopithecus bosei fossil, we were off to the Serengeti!