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Elephant Group, Tarangire

Our first stop was Tarangire National Park -- probably the best place in Africa to see elephants. Sure enough, just past the entry gate, we were not disappointed, encountering the above family walking across the road to join a larger group of about 25 elephants. A large matriarch followed this group and made her way across the road, pausing briefly to check us out. Cathy's first encounter with elephants in the wild was, in her words, "pretty cool". The next day, we met this lone bull in musth, looking for some action. After one look at Cathy, he curled up his trunk, let out a trumpet blast (Cathy thinks it was an E-flat) and charged our truck. Laurie drove on quickly. A vehicle coming up behind us was given the same treatment, this time with a slightly louder blast, in a higher key. As they say, elephants never forget: we think we saw him again the following day (by now he had hooked up with a group of females) and he reminded us, in the key of "C", that we had been previously acquainted.

Elephant Bull, Tarangire