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Emanuel, our sponsored childA trip to a country such as Tanzania is filled with highlights. Everything is new; everything is different; even the trip from the airport to the hotel is an adventure. But nothing in our lives will ever match the experience of meeting Emanuel, his mother Grace, and the people of their village Matumbulu.

Matumbulu is a typical rural village. The people are farmers growing maize, millet, and groundnuts. The whole village participates in World Vision's work. World Vision has helped the village with fresh water projects, immunisation of all children, and building a primary school. It is important to note that World Vision works with the whole village - not just the sponsored children. Sponsoring is a means to generate money so that the whole village may benefit.

We began our day by flying from Arusha to Dodoma in a six-seat plane chartered from Mission Aviation Fellowship. Travelling with us were Beth Miedema, Adele Webb, and Sherry Thomas who were also visiting sponsored children. The view from the plane was magnificent! The Maasai Steppe stretched before us parched and seemingly lifeless. We can understand why only 4% of Tanzania is arable! Ninety minutes later we arrived in Dodoma.

Matumbulu was a 45-minute dusty, bouncy ride from Dodoma at first along along the Cape-to-Cairo highway (a dirt road) then along roads that were nothing more than cart tracks. Upon our arrival, we were completely overwhelmed. The whole village was out to greet us. It was a real celebration for them and for us. Very rarely do they ever get to meet the people who help provide money for their projects.

Our visit will always be remembered as the single most significant event in our lives. Yet, however significant this was for us, it seemed many times more significant to the people of Matumbulu and World Vision Tanzania.

Emanuel and Grace outside their home.  Children of Matumbulu.  Terry, Emanuel, Laurie, and Grace. Laurie and Emanuel.   Emanuel with his new soccer ball.  Presentation of school supplies.
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