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     In so many ways, Wiltshire and Somerset seem to be the cradle of England as we know it today. So much of its early history and mythology spring from this one small corner of the country: Stonehenge, Jesus and Joseph of Arimathea, the Roman Baths, King Arthur, Alfred the Great... it was a great week of historical discovery.

     Whilst there, we stayed at a lovely farm self-catering unit at the northern edge of the Salisbury Plain. A few minutes up the road is the site of Alfred the Great's decisive victory over the Viking raiders in 878 as well as the Westbury Horse. Twenty minutes south is Stonehenge. We were in a perfect location.

Self Catering

Allison hamming it up outside our great little farm self-catering place.
Mouseover: The back garden. the ridge in the background is the northern escarpment of the great Salisbury Plain.